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February 2006 Newsletter
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News Letter Article Submitted by: Tom Rooney 2/8/06

Metro ASHI® is an outstanding example of a professional organization whose members work closely together to support each other and the profession.

It’s clear that I am not the only member to be impressed with the people in this group. I repeatedly hear others commenting on the constructive support provided by fellow members and the sincere desire to assist others in education as well as sharing methods, procedures and war stories. Apparently, our local chapter is unique as many people select to be part of our group rather then joining one that may be closer or more convenient to attend.

One excellent example of this willingness to help is our Host Inspector Program. This program enables a new or seasoned inspector to go along on actual inspections to see first hand how home inspections are performed. While on the inspection the trainee will fill out a basic checklist of the components to be inspected indicating there condition. At the following Metro ASHI® meeting, fellow inspectors will critique this checklist at our newcomers hour. Our Newcomers Hour is another fine example of how unique our chapter is. This hour is open to all members/candidates each month before the start of the regular meeting to discuss topics relating to home inspections.

In order to qualify, the guest inspector must be a paid member of both the Metro Chapter and National ASHI®.

In order to qualify as a host inspector, the host must be an ASHI® member (not a candidate) and a member of the Metro Chapter as well.

In addition to the personal satisfaction obtained by the host and trainee, the benefit of MRC’s (Membership Renewal Credits) earned is a reward well deserved. The host and the trainee each receive one credit for each hosted visit. Also the time spent during the inspection can be applied toward the 40 hours of field work which a new inspector is required to complete in order to obtain his/her New York State Home Inspector’s License.

We currently have twelve members, seasoned inspectors, who are willing to escort other inspectors/candidates on home inspection visits in order to share knowledge and experience to newcomers to the field.

I will be pleased to coordinate any request for host trips if any Metro candidate or member so wishes. Please contact me for the list of host inspectors.

Host and guests should make sure the guest gets a host visit form, completes it at the inspection (with the host signature) and returns it to me for processing and MRC credit.

Tom Rooney: Host Inspector Program Coordinator (914) 769-2685




Another outstanding example of the willingness of the New York Metro ASHI® Chapter to assist the new members and candidates, as well as the experienced inspectors is our Newcomer’s Hour. The NEWCOMER’S HOUR is a spin off of the Host Inspector Program. This education session takes place from 5:00 to 6:00 PM, prior to the regular meeting. This hour was originally designed to provide the new inspector with additional education based on a seasoned inspector’s experiences, and to critique information gathered from on site Host home inspections. However, even the veteran inspector can learn something by attending. We will use the ASHI® book "A Training Manual for Home Inspectors" by Alfred L. Alk as a basis for these presentations. As an additional incentive to attend the newcomer’s hour, one MRC for each person and the instructor will be granted.

To kick off the February Metro ASHI® Newcomer’s Hour, Hydro-Air heating systems will be presented by Victor J. Faggella. The agenda for the March newcomer’s hour will be Foundation systems, presented by Bart Rodi, P.E.

In order to make this Newcomer’s Hour a success, each seasoned experienced Metro inspector will be asked to "pick a month" and give a presentation. You can sign up by calling, 914-769-2685, or E-mail, Rooneyte@aol.com





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