Fagella.gifFather and son were willing to serve their chapter as president, and now enjoy talking about what motivated them to share a commitment to ASHI’s proud traditions.
“I am a firm believer that we were put on this earth to leave it a better place than when we arrived. It was this belief that caused me to devote 33 years of my life to the education of young people.

“It is the same philosophy that has committed me to serve the NY Metro ASHI Chapter. I believe the time and energy I have expended for the past 25 years, as a mentor and in serving the chapter in various capacities, has helped me reach my goal. Therefore, I consider it time and energy well spent.”

—Victor J. Faggella, ASHI Member 478

“I too believe in giving back in all aspects of my life. This is something my father taught me to do all my life. Besides being heavily involved with NY Metro, I devote much of my time to the local youth baseball organization, my homeowners association and our church.

“When the opportunity arose to become the chapter president, there was little hesitation on my part. I look forward to the challenge of taking what was done before me, by my father and those who came after him, and building on it. We have some
challenges ahead with licensing in New York that with the help of our local Board of Directors, I plan to use to make Metro the best Chapter in the area.”

— Victor G. Faggella, PE, ASHI Member 107457